BeComE Project discusses the development of workplaces as learning environments

On 19th of March, BeComE partners from Universities and Companies discussed the issues of the development of workplaces as learning environments. In this session, we welcomed the guest lecturer, Hanna Toiviainen, Professor of Adult Education from Tempere University, an expert on expansive learning environment issues. Following this presentation, the participants discussed the content and shared best practices.

Next, BeComE partners from Universities and Companies discussed the results of the survey in the 8 areas related to expansive learning environments: 1. Participation and understanding of the workplace; 2. Task performance; 3. Access to resources to help learning; 4. Judgment, decision-making, problem-solving and reflection; 5. Experience and task transition; 6. Recognition as an expert; 7. Recognition as a learner and 8. Organisational development.  Following the presentation of the results, participants engaged in a discussion on the following

1) Why some dimensions have been scored higher and some lower? What explains the results?

Results showed that the entrepreneurial competencies with higher scores are cooperation, metacognition, creativity, and financial literacy. On the other side, the entrepreneurial competencies with lower scores are planning; opportunity discovery and recognition as a learner, and personal initiative. Some of these results may be explained by the pandemic and the demands related to remote work.


2) Regarding the dimensions which have been scored lower, have you felt that challenges in these have affected everyday working activities? How do you think that these dimensions could be improved?

Examples of solutions to address the lower scores include meetings, informal conversations, more frequent communications, involving the workers in decision making processes and offer diverse opportunities to learn.


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