Implementing training for SME managers led by University of Sannio

On November 17, the University of Sannio organised the event “PMI e Internazionalizzazione: il ruolo delle competenze imprenditoriali”. In this event participated 100 Italian SME managers.


The program of the event focused on the importance of entrepreneurial competencies in the internationalisation process.


The first session “Innovative teaching and training approaches to promote entrepreneurial skills” was led by Gilda Antonelli, Angelo Riviezzo and Filomena Pagnozzi and presented the importance of entrepreneurial skills and the model of entrepreneurial competencies.


The second part of the session focused on skills and internationalization, where participants analyzed the international growth process and finally, based on interviews conducted with SME managers as part of BeComE project, Angelo Riviezzo and Gilda Antonelli illustrated the most relevant ECs for success in the international market.


This was a very inspiring session and we thank all the participants!