Introducing BeComE project in Robotex- annual International robotics festival in Tallinn, Estonia

Robotex International is an annual Robotics festival that brings together thousands of engineers, executives, students and families to be inspired by technology industry leaders, examine new start-ups, build robots for various challenges and learn about the latest technology innovations.


As part of this, the BeComE team members and Taltech lecturers Katrin Arvola and Marianne Kallaste conducted a Business Idea Development workshop on the 5th of November 2021.

The focus of this workshop was to introduce the importance of entrepreneurial attitude and behaviour to Robotex participants. During the workshop, the participants were supported to solve a  task in teams and develop cooperation and communication skills. For that purpose, we did a practical exercise to build a spaghetti tower together, which would help to develop cooperation and communication between team-members. Based on that experience participants reflected on their cooperation skills during teamwork and the importance of communication during the process. The exercise was followed by an interesting discussion about the entrepreneurship competence model and supported the deeper understanding of cooperation and communication competencies. Students found the exercise to be a good example of cooperation and communication skills for raising awareness about these competencies.