Mid-Project Workshop: Reflecting where we are and where we want to go

On Sept 30 and Oct 1 of 2021, the BeComE partners came together to reflect on the development of the work developed and discussed the implementation of the next stages. Hosted by the Polish team at the University of Lotz, this workshop was important for all the partners.


On the first day of the workshop, we discussed where are we in the project, presenting a short review on the progress done so far as we achieved the middle of the project. While we reflected on the additional constraints caused by COVID 19, most of the working packages follow the established plan. There is a high commitment to catching up on the activities recommended by EACEA and fulfilling the Project’s tasks considering the output indicators.


Then, each partner presented a summary of the current activities developed, ranging from the dissemination strategy to the outcomes on the SMEs survey, approaches for the training of SME managers, and recommendations for developing a training program for SME managers.


It was also presented a summary of the progress in developing the research papers that are a product of the undergoing research. Some of the ideas discussed include studying macro-level changes and connection with competencies, integrating methodology, and comparing before and after the courses during the piloting and implementation of new teaching and learning guidelines to connect competencies and workplace environment components.


After the lunch break, the team discussed the preparation for piloting teaching guidelines in the next semester, introducing new guidelines for teaching entrepreneurship sub-competencies, and developing study programs.


The first day of the workshop ended with our eyes looking into the future. There was a brainstorming exercise about the potential future cooperation and application for other projects in the space of entrepreneurship competencies, entrepreneurial pedagogy and entrepreneurial teaching.


On the second day of the workshop, all the partners participated and the representatives from the SMEs also joined. There was a discussion led by the University of Lodz on SMEs and internationalization. The preliminary results of the EMPIG study for SMEs in all partner countries show that differences between countries seem to be marginal as the profile of internationalized SME influences more the answers than its country of origin. The results were discussed with partner companies and there was a brainstorming session on how to develop training programs for SME managers.


Finally, the team discussed the next steps in developing workplaces as learning environments, specifically the needful competencies for developing workplaces as learning environments in an uncertain and unpredictable situations.


After these two productive days, we are certain that the BeComE is on a good trajectory to make a real impact to better understand how to “Be Competent in Entrepreneurship: Knowledge Alliances for Developing Entrepreneurship Competencies for the Benefit of Higher Education and Business”.