Teaching the entrepreneurship competence model to career teachers of Estonian secondary schools

Estonian career teachers are going through training that covers the competencies of career studies. One of the competencies in that model is entrepreneurship.

During seventh and eighth of April, TalTech entrepreneurship lecturers Marianne Kallaste and Katrin Arvola trained 27 career teachers from all over Estonia about teaching the entrepreneurship competence model using the methodology that BeComE partners use to develop entrepreneurship competencies among students.
These were very active two days where teachers were able to learn about the entrepreneurship competence teaching guidelines and they were able to apply the new knowledge to their own courses through different exercises. There was also a lot of knowledge sharing among the participants and they all found new teaching guidelines and exercises to take back to their students.

It is important to note that these teachers are teaching non-entrepreneurship courses. It was particularly interesting to see a chemistry teacher getting very excited when she discovered that she could develop the sub-competencies of managing social situations in her chemistry class and even using Chemistry as an example of teamwork when doing demonstrations with students in her class. This is a good illustration that entrepreneurship competencies can be taught and developed in any subject area, as long as the teacher sees the importance of it.