Blog 1

Univincity supports learning at work

Competence development can be challenging when you do it alongside (sometimes even) hectic consulting work. That’s why we at Vincit have our own training organization/platform called Univincity, whose goal is to enable the individual competence development of every Vincit employee. Sometimes help can be found in the community, sometimes somewhere else. In this blog we will tell you in general what kind of principles can be found in the background of Univincity’s operations.


Read more from Vincit’s website (in Finnish): https://www.vincit.fi/fi/univincity-tukee-tyossaoppimista/


Blog 2

The “study circles” offer community-support to long-term learning at work

In many companies, including Vincit, short information sessions on various topics are held, because it is an easy way to maintain the continuous learning -atmosphere when there are many opportunities for learning. But can you really learn something in the one-hour “quick-fix” session? We believe that those sessions can be a spark to learn something new, but actually learning a new skill is a more long-term activity. That’s why we developed an operating method for community learning, which we named a “study circle”.


flipped classroom or flipped learning -method


Read more about study circle -model from Vincit website (in Finnish): https://www.vincit.fi/fi/opintopiiri-tuo-yhteisollisyytta-pitkajanteiseen-tyossa-oppimiseen/


Blog 3

 Trainee program for future’s top-developers

 At Vincit, we wanted to make it easier for top developers of the future to join customer projects to learn hands-on software consulting. Based on this idea, Vincit’s trainee program was born. This blog post is about the first year of our trainee program and how Univincity supported that journey.


Read more from Vincit’s website (in Finnish):




Blog 4

 The mentoring program has wide-ranging effects

As the saying goes, shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. But do you believe that the shared learning experience can also be doubled? The first thing that usually comes to mind about mentoring programs is that the actor gets targeted support to promote their personal goals, but in practice the mentor always learns as well. And most importantly, the operation of the entire organization develops through mentoring activities.

Univincity renewed Vincit’s internal mentoring program back in 2019, because we wanted to organize our activities in this field. This renewing work has continued during the past years and developed through iteration rounds as new mentoring groups are activated twice a year (every 6 months). This blog post tells how the reform was originally planned and what it achieved.


(pic by: Kimmo Sihvonen)

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